Chinese Birth Chart

Chinese Birth Chart & Chinese Birth Calendar

Can a Chinese birth gender chart really help you predict whether your baby will be a boy or girl? Many Chinese astrology enthusiasts believe so.

It’s human nature to be curious and to want certain things, including the gender of our children. Some parents really want a boy to carry on the family name and others would love the company and affection of a daughter. Some people go to great measure to try and affect the gender of their unborn child, but can we really make a difference?

almanacAncient Chinese astrologers decided to take on this issue and spent a great deal of time studying the phases of the moon and correlating what they learned to a woman’s age and the resulting gender of her children. The result of all this intense study was the Chinese birth gender chart.

As the legend goes, the chart was first conceived by a scholar during the Song Dynasty and finally ended up buried in the tomb of monk near Beijing for over 700 years. When archaeologists uncovered and examined the parchment, they found that the chart predicts the sex of your baby with a spooky amount of accuracy. The original is now held in the Institute of Science in Beijing.

Cynics will tell you that at the least, you’ve got a 50/50 chance for accuracy. At best, however, some claim that these divination charts are over 90 percent accurate! Either way, it’s good fun looking into.

Chinese Birth Calendars – How It Works

Just look down the chart to find how old you’ll be when you give birth and along the top for the month your baby was conceived. The square where the two meet will show if you’re having a boy or a girl. F for Female and M for Male (pink for a girl and blue for a boy).


So, according to the data the Chinese birth chart states that your best chances for a boy occur when the mother conceives in July when she is 18, 20, 30, and 42. And the best chances for a girl occur when the mother conceives in April when she is 21, 22, and 29.

Birth Chart – Accuracy Check

Is a Chinese birth gender chart really accurate? Why not test the chart for yourself? All you need is the month the child was conceived, and the age of the mother at the time of conception. Follow the chart across to see which sex is indicated. Was the chart right? Try it again for as many children as you have information for, and you can decide for yourself just how reliable a Chinese gender chart really is.

Birth Calendar Point Of Information

Just for the record, it’s worth pointing out that the Chinese lunar calendar is different from the calendar used in the West. The Chinese calendar charts lunar cycles; the Western, or Gregorian calendar, uses the earth’s rotation around the sun to chart time. So whilst we use the above chart for a “bit of fun”, if you are really serious about using the Chinese birth chart, you should seek out a professional who can plot the lunar calendar for you. 

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